from not knowing a single word to fluency

using the latest language acquisition

native speaking online language tutors

SLC is one of the few institutes in the world offering Syloti online and in-person as a foreign language in an immersion environment for international students, researchers, scholars, diplomats, the international business community, and anyone interested in learning Syloti language.

What We Do

We teach it here in Sylhet, the capital of Sylhet Division, Bangladesh. Our School can take you from not knowing a single word to fluency. Since 2002, we have experience with many of students that have achieved fluency and have gone on to use the language in very practical ways. We use practical exercises to help you move towards fluency. These involve the latest linguistic research and techniques Take the plunge, come to Sylhet for a few months and overcome the obstetricals that are standing between you and fluency in Syloti.

Our Service

Online Classes

Our Online Classes are done using video messaging software via the Internet. Our live video classes are unique and flexible for adults and children. Our experienced coaches will help tailor your language experience to your language needs and interests. With a flexible timetable we attempt to offer you your best time and days of the week. With an extensive range of lesson topics and a variety of language tutors, you can study the way you want to achieve your personal goals. Read more

In-Person Lessons

Learning a language where it is widely spoken is called language immersion. This is the best way to advance in language. Online classes are excellent but the extra resources of many native speakers living in their own land and are not mixing their language with English, or some other language of the place where they reside, help the language learner advance outside of the classroom.

Language Teaching Method

Phase One
150 Hours

  1. Connecting
  2. Divided into 2 parts
  3. Here and Now

Phase Two
200 Hours

  1. Emerging
  2. Divided into 3 parts
  3. Using Pictures

Phase Three
200 Hours

  1. Knowable
  2. One part
  3. Understanding Stories

Phase Four
500 Hours

  1. Deep personal Relationship
  2. Deep Life Sharing

Phase Five
500 Hours

  1. Widening Understanding
  2. Native to Native Communication